Ireland: A Wee Bit Perfect

Ireland: A Wee Bit Perfect

Well, well, well… look who’s back in action! That is right… can you believe your eyes? After a long, well deserved *IDK about that* hiatus, Seamless is back in action! Stay tuned for some exciting things coming up like: a bathroom renovation  (I am still deciding on colors, so don’t hold your breath), Memorial Day weekend outfit inspo… and a few other surprises! Make sure you follow Instagram and Facebook for all the deets!

OK- now where was I??? Oh, Ireland! Wow- how do I even describe it? Truly one of the world’s most beautiful places to say the least… From Cork City to the fields in Waterford- simply unique in every which way. About a month ago, I was lucky enough to spend eight days with my grandmother and sister traveling through the southern part of the country on a bus tour. Two nights in Cork, four nights in Killarney (I left my heart there) and lastly, two nights in Waterford.

Blarney Castle

We flew into Dublin airport on the night flight, (oh side note do NOT get me started on TSA in Europe….) upon arrival, we had a nice tour of Dublin city and our first stop was in Cashell. This led me to really get a feel for the country, Cashell was what you picture Ireland like from the movies. After a mom-and-pop breakfast filled with so many scones, on top of an irish breakfast, with ALL the tea I could have ever wanted, we explored the Cashell Castle, and I took in the smell and sights of cows, horses, and sheep. I must say, and you can hold me to it, if I were to ever end up in Ireland in my next life, you bet I am going to own a farm!

After a nice scenic ride, we arrived in Cork City. Maura and I instantly took off to explore on 30 minutes of sleep in 24 hours. We couldn’t find an iced coffee anywhere, and when we asked, a few shops said to us “you’re American” but we did end up finding the cutest coffee shop where we found WiFi… AHHH what more?! LOL, JK! We really only used it to check in at home and let our parents know we made it. After discussing places to shop, see, eat, and drink- I felt like I knew the city like the back of my hand, especially after the 2 days. We really enjoyed Cork City, fun fact, our bestie is from Cork! (Hi Robyn!) and this is where we met up with her Granny and Uncle. It was truly a special afternoon filled with red wine & Bulmers sharing stories and laughs.

visits with Granny & Gary!

A few of my favorite things that we did while staying in Cork City was traveling to the Blarney Stone and the Blarney Woolen Mills. The castles are incredible, and obviously the Blarney Castle is something special. Pictures do not do all of the castles justice. Additionally, I genuinely loved Cork City itself, the street music, the shopping, AKA Penny’s and Dunnes (irish stores they compare to H&M/ Forever 21/ Target).

As we moved on with our trip and made it to Killarney, we stayed in the BEST hotel with impeccable hospitality. If you are headed there and looking for a place to stay, I highly recommend the Killarney Towers. The location was right off of the main road filled with every type of pub and shop you could imagine. There, I tried my first Guinness AND Jameson and Ginger Ale. We would shop, drink and eat through the town as each day went on. I found a love for the irish brown bread and vegetable soup. I really think I had that 8 days in a row… and what I would do now for a bowl of it…SO. GOOD- but if you don’t like pureed soup, it’s not for you.


Anyways- my favorite things while staying in Killarney would without a doubt be The Ring of Kerry. This is a scenic ride up and down the south west point of Ireland for over 100 miles. With multiple stops along the way, we saw sun, rain, hail, snow, sleet and wind, and all were at extreme conditions. It was something I have never in my life experienced before, and it was just simply amazing how the altitudes can adjust so quickly with temperatures and climates. Stopping for lunch, Maura and I saw a man walking his goat, and no we didn’t even have a whiskey yet- it was real life! Also, I saw my first ever T.K. Maxx, and if you know me… need I say more!? We got to meet up with some of our family friends in Killarney which also brought new friends, and lots of friendly faces. Killarney will always hold a special place in my heart and I can’t wait to get back there.

Muckross Castle (my favorite)

Alas, en route to our final destination we stopped at another castle, and the Smithwicks brewery. SO cool, but its not Guinness, and any real irishman will tell you that loud and proud. After a long day of travel, we arrived to Waterford. I had high expectations of this place. We have family that has come to the states that live there, I had a big imagination of it, and with Waterford being home of my favorite timeless pieces, Waterford Crystal. *remember that.. LOL LOL not KIDDING! Anyways, who would have thought that we would be eating dinner and have someone pop in the pub looking for Ma? Well, we all know that answer… of course she would! Thousands of miles away from Worcester, and we had a room full of family and friends both of our nights stay in Waterford. With family that welcomed us with drinks, food, songs and laughs it was nothing short of amazing memories. One of the highlights of visiting Waterford was getting to see where my great-grandmother grew up in the late 1800’s. Ma became so overwhelmed with emotion getting to be with her family the last two days. Seeing her this happy, made the entire trek over to Ireland so beyond worth it.


sheep en route on the Ring of Kerry
New friends from Waterford! 

I’m already planning my next trip back, making sure it is filled with many visits to friends and family, as this seems that this is the only was the irish do it. Everyone we met whether it was the first time, or for the hundredth time, couldn’t have been more welcoming. We are so lucky to still have ties to Ireland as strong as we do.

If you’re hopping across the pond anytime soon to any of these places, I would love to suggest shops, pubs, and places that we visited. I’ve never experienced a country quite like Ireland, where I found beauty in the most simple ways.

Thanks for following along on this adventure of mine!

Stay Savvy!

the return of seamless! ❤
No Sale like a Nordstrom Sale

No Sale like a Nordstrom Sale

So, if you know Seamless & Savvy, you MUST know her one true love… Nordstrom. Well, that is actually incredibly exaggerated, but you get it… Without a doubt it is rated #1 in her hierarchy of favorite stores. From Nordstrom Notes, Nordstrom Rack stores, to free shipping, all the way to price matching- the company just gets it. With that, Nordstrom has an anniversary sale each year in July. Every year the magazine gets delivered and the highlighting, circling, and page folding begins for gifts and solely thinking ahead for events and holidays. This year, the online magazine version was the go-to. It is just as drool worthy as the hard copy as each want/need is already placed in the shopping cart. If you use your mouse to hover over the item- it clicks it open for you filling your screen with more detail and information. If you didn’t know, Seamless and Savvy is so obsessed with a good sale and finding a steal…So this couldn’t be more of a perfect time to splurge with all the excuses.

July 13th- 20th is the early access sale, which you need to be a Nordstrom card holder to participate. If you are not, the sale applies to you starting July 21st. After discussing with a serious anniversary sale shopper (Attn: Sara), the list of wants/ needs became a major priority. The current/ future trends are so prominent in this mag- ruffles, lace up, bell sleeves, detail, velvet… It was impossible just to pick a few favs! So, if you haven’t already opened up a new tab to shop Nordstrom, see below for Seamless & Savvys top 10 things to get on this anniversary sale!


Spice up a regular top with a little side fun… Detail is everything!

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 9.59.07 PM
Chelsea Mixed Media Sweatshirt $45.90


Slip on sneakers are definitely on trend… There are plenty of options on the sale but check my fav out… (Pg. 34) No surprise here, Rebecca Minkoff find!!

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 10.01.51 PM
Rebecca Minkoff Noelle Embellished Slip-On Platform Sneaker $99.00


Who doesn’t love a small, dainty necklace… Especially when it’s Kendra Scott? & on sale? Truly goes with everything, and you pick, are you a gold, rose gold, or silver person? I am still deciding… (Pg. 38)

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 9.05.48 PM
Kendra Scott Elisa Filigree Pendant Necklace $35.90


Oooo, Seamles & Savvy has such a weakness for tote bags! & Totes down for a good Madewell sale… Get it? I think the stripe adds a bold feature to the classic piece, and there truly is nothing finer than a closet staple. Find on (Pg. 44)

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 9.19.26 PM.png
Madewell Paint Stripe Transport Leather Tote $129.90


Speaking of leather… Well, faux (but nobody has to know)… Check out this moto jacket, perfect for going out and dressing up a cute top with a pair of fun jeans! (Pg. 54)

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 9.34.22 PM.png
Levis Faux Leather Moto Jacket $99.90


Hair product(s) that are a must have!! My sister owns this whole package and will never go back to any other brand for all the below. Unfortunately, she is moving so Seamless & Savvy needs her own- what better time to do it? (Pg. 64)


Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 9.49.04 PM
Drybar Tressed to Impress Collection $154.00


Who doesnt love a good pair of faux leather leggings? Winter staple with a long cute knit sweater or funky top to head out in. Either way- you’ll want. (Pg. 36)

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 9.47.49 PM
Halogen Faux Leather Leggings $49.90

Polka dots aren’t always a crowd pleaser, but this is a super cute jumpsuit which is very versatile adding a jean jacket or some fun jewels~ (Pg. 46)

Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 10.11.51 PM
Topshop Spot Strappy Culotte Jumpsuit $52.90

Nothing like another casual coat… Love the army green color and the fur adds a funky touch to it. (Pg. 54)

Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 10.22.07 PM
Sam Edelman Faux Fur Collar A-Line Anorak $109.90

Denim is so hot that has a touch of detail- check out these wild ankles… Love!! (Pg. 33)

Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 10.10.46 PM
Wit & Wisdom Ab-solution Split Release Hem Jeans $44.90


Happy shopping everyone!! After work I went to check out the pre-sale and my oh my was I excited. I am not sure which pair of boots I will be getting- but I am sure they’ll be fabulous!

image1 (1)

Stay Savvy!

Tune into the Weekend

Tune into the Weekend

peep the Bose headphones 😉

Seamless & Savvy is getting ready for the highly anticipated July 4th weekend, and it cannot be done without a playlist for all of the activities each day will bring. From the car rides, all day at the beach, getting ready to go out, or in the Uber on the way to the bar, lets turn up the tunes and get in (mini) vacation mode! Each song on Seamless & Savvys top hits playlist will give you a variety of selections, fitting all your weekend needs!! Well, if you’re in tune with what’s hot on the pop station… No matter if you add one, or all of these songs to your weekend playlist I know you won’t regret it! So, enjoy these trendy songs from summer country tunes, to the “pop” of fun!

For the mood to party…

I’m the One- DJ Khaled

The ultimate pump up for the weekend, am I right? Not sure if it is more of an accomplishment knowing all of the words or something to be ashamed of? Either way, such a good pre-game song~ get ready everyone!

Despacito Remix- Luis Fonsi

… All I have to say is Justin Bieber bilingual?! OKAY! He sure does “turn every situation into heaven”… got me feelin’ some kind of way. Did you know that despacito means slowly? Look up the lyrics in English… I dare you!!

Good Life- G-Eazy

Alright, title says it all… We do put the good in the good life and the bad in the past- it’s up to us to make it to be the best life it can possibly be. AKA a quick reminder it’s not that bad after all.

Cut To The Feeling- Carly Rae Jepson

This “giddy pop song” totally makes me want to dance on the roof and cut to the feeling~ SUCH. A. F.U.N. SONG. You will love- and special shootout to Katherine for bringing this into my life!

Feels- Calvin Harris

The beat totally makes me feel like I am back 1 year ago on my cruise to Bermuda with the ~funky~ music. I had to put this song in front of Slide, but either way, Calvin Harris is an entertaining artist. And good looking- duh (insert fire emoji here).


Wild Thoughts- DJ Khaled, Rihanna, Bryson Tiller

Slide- Calvin Harris, Frank Ocean, Migos

Digital Love- Digital Farm Animals

For the summertime country mood…

Do I Make You Wanna- Billy Currington

This song honestly ~makes me wanna~ blast my radio and drive…home from work.  The things you actually want to do when you’re in love… HA HA HA. Not bitter because I actually LOVE listening to this song and if I had someone to let my hair down and play a little truth or dare with I would…

All The Pretty Girls- Kenny Chesney

Latest Kenny song just in time for my summer kick off!! He is such a classic- you just can’t go wrong… Especially on the beach and in the car with the windows down!

No Such Thing as a Broken Heart- Old Dominion

Oooooo this song is just the best! I love the meaning behind it all. It is up beat and just so cute. If you give it a listen, it truly just says you have to let go of all your fears and let it all happen and trust the process. This is totally my mantra; therefore I just love when this song pops up for me!

Just a Phase- Adam Craig

O M G- YES, yes, yes. Couldn’t love this song more if I tried. If you’re looking for a slow song including ALL the feels- this is your JAM. … You’re welcome.

Smooth- Florida Georgia Line

Besides the frogs croaking throughout the song… I like it! Its such a beach song- you can always have a good time listing to FGL, this just happens to be their latest song.


When It Rains It Pours- Luke Combs

Roots- Zac Brown Band

They Don’t Know- Jason Aldean

For the calm & cool mood…

What Do I Know- Ed Sheeran

… I can’t believe I just picked one, but the “divide” album alone is just incredible. I suggest you listen to the whole thing and then realize you, too, would marry Ed Sheeran.

In the Blood- John Mayer

I heard this on country 102.5 as a debatable country song… I don’t agree- but take a listen to know for yourself. Either way, John Mayer is just the perfect touch to an easy-going playlist.

Malibu- Miley Cyrus

This song is about Liam Hemsworth and their 2.5 million dollar home in Malibu. Everytime I picture the two of them, I think back to the truck scene in The Last Song where they sing She Will Be Loved back and forth to each other… Ugh seriously melting just thinking about it!! But, I bet the sky is more blue in Malibu, Miley.


Young- The Chainsmokers

Lot to Learn- Luke Christopher

Slow Hands- Niall Horan

Click on the title of the described songs to get a preview if you haven’t already… & there you have it… Some hot songs to pump up your weekend! Check in soon for a few favorite weekend looks from the beach to the cookout. Hope everyone has a fun, exciting, and safe 4th of July! USA & rose all DAY for Seamless & Savvy!


Stay Savvy!

When all else fails… Call DAD

When all else fails… Call DAD


After all these years, I find myself more than ever calling my Dad. From mass pike traffic jams, to a broken down Haundai, to political views and cleaning habits- my dad gets me for sure. Even though he never knows quite what type of mood I am in- the 5PM pre commute text or phone call is a daily reminder that someone is always there and thinking of me. Breakfast on Sundays, clean cars, paid bills, cold drinks and warm dinners are just a few things that my dad does regularly for my family. It’s times like these which make me feel so incredibly grateful and lucky to have someone like him to do all the things he does without hesitation.

My Dad is the first person I call in a panic or time of need- and that alone is not an easy job (LOL- but really). He is my number one supporter, especially with his strong beliefs to be a greater version of yourself and to contribute to society each and every day. He continues to push me to strive for my goals and to set the bar high. Without all of the unconditional love my Dad gives each day, I wouldn’t be who I am. With that in mind, I am sure readers are asking the same question… What to get dad for Father’s Day? If your dad is anything like mine and enjoys the luxurious things in life GOOD LUCK!

Well, here are some ideas:

Amazon Echo

If your dad is one with technology… Or you are a family that loves a good laugh or two… This may be the perfect gift! Alexa features as a speaker that plays music, answers questions, voice recognizes, reads the news, weather, and traffic for you. AKA a bigger Siri. Great/ fun gift- but totally see my family using it for maybe a month…

Bose Bluetooth Speaker

I know I have previously talked about this product in other posts, but I love. It’s a great gift if your dad listens to music- but make sure his cell phone has bluetooth in order for it to connect… It plays loudly and clearly in a good size room with a fair amount of people too!

Hammock/ Swing

For all of dads hard work in and around the house, he deserves a space to take it all in and relax. I mean, he was the one who did the yard work- so he mine as well be the one to admire it!! Maybe you can set this up for him? Ya right!


Talking about relaxing… There’s no better way to kick around the house than cozy slippers. Personally, I would recommend L.L. Bean or Ugg- quality guaranteed. Dad would definitely feel like a king in either.


Simple and sweet. You know he will drink it, and it says that you just simply know what happiness is for your dad. So, this is something my sister and I decided to get our Dad as part of his gift…

It is all about the love and thought that counts. I know for my dad a drink at the Shanty on Cape is something he’d enjoy on Father’s Day. So, heres to you Dad- one of my biggest blog fans!! ❤










Well, congratulations Class of 2017, and welcome to the “real world” as they say!! It has been quite a learning experience these past 4 years, and whether you think so or not, I bet you’re prepared to take on what this crazy world has to offer each and everyday. It’s not easy jumping into things when we are so used to summers off with funds from easy summer gigs and some mum & dad freebies…. Now it is strictly working for the weekend & those student loans! … Although that statement seems negative in thought- this post is on the exciting new chapter of life, and how to achieve the best outcome.

‘You’re as free as a bird'” or “the world is your oyster”…. You’ve heard it all recently- and I’m sure they’ll keep on coming for about at least a year or two. But if you really get to thinking… It is a new page/ chapter of your own book that you are writing. Take any exciting, rewarding & challenging opportunity- because now is the time to do it. Apply for the job that you’re most interested in, go on the VK you’ve been dreaming, or go for the new pricey top you’ve been eyeing. You deserve it. You’ve been working for 4 years becoming well educated to accomplish some life long goals. Education is incredibly important, and it is something that will forever guide you through the rest of your journey, marketing yourself place to place.

Whether you’re taking the summer off, looking for a job, or beginning a job, you’re not alone. It is hard to start at the bottom. I have seen what it is like to be at the bottom of the barrel from many of my family members and peers. You think you can take on the world the day after graduation but the harsh reality is, it is a tough world out there! BUT, there are ways to get through it. Take each day & opportunity and learn from it, reward yourself with leisure time, and time well spent with family and friends. Soak up every learning experience, mistake, or mishap and grow. Stay humble when reaching the top through the various achievements you will make. Don’t take it all too seriously, and remember there is always tomorrow. Don’t forget to work hard, and most importantly make yourself proud. It is okay to feel all the feels, or even frustrated or upset- this is a crucial time to live and learn. Don’t let others bring you down, instead be the one to bring them UP.

Don’t judge a book by its cover, and be open to new people and adventures- you won’t regret it. Take more time for yourself- no more studying, or papers to write, so spend time becoming a better version of yourself, the one everyone wants to be around and spend time with. Take this time to work on your health and fitness. There is a long road ahead, and it will only be successful if you take care of yourself first and foremost. Make sure to meet your friends after work, take a coffee break, and most importantly laugh it off. You’re young. You’re never fully dressed without a smile, so make sure even if you wake up on the wrong side of the bed- pull it together. Respect yourself, and the others around you, and you will feel accomplished within.

Best of luck with all of the endeavors you will come across & experience. Be brave, be bold, and be fearless. You’ve got nothing to loose- it’s all in your hands. Stay positive and keep on going.

“What she tackles, she conquers” – Richard Gilmore

Stay Savvy!

Moms Make EVERYTHING Beautiful

Moms Make EVERYTHING Beautiful


Thursday before Mother’s Day & I still wouldn’t consider myself last minute… LOL Well, I am now. (Sorry Mum if you’re reading!!!) I spent my last Thursday morning off shopping for a few upcoming essentials: shoes/ dresses for graduation activities, a Mother’s Day gift, and too many of my favorite peeps birthdays are in June, so yes b-day gifts. May is flying right out of my hands… I am trying to hold on!! What an exciting month though, I must say!

So, back to the real reason I am writing… Mother’s Day!

How does one go about a gift to say “thank you” to the most selfless woman in their life? At least this is how I personally feel. My mom does everything to keep my family content and pieced together each and every day. Whether she puts money on the Starbucks card, prepares a meal, or sends a simple goodnight text… I truly feel confident in the one person who is ALWAYS there for me. She is there for the good and the bad, and the best and the worst, being the most selfless woman I know. How do I show her my love in just one day dedicated to her? Well, I know money doesn’t buy love (well, I just won’t go there!) but how & what to give mom on Mother’s Day…?

Below are some of the ideas I thought of while my sister is on HHI calling me telling me to cover the gift and card this year. (This will be the 5th year and counting I do so…. AHEM lol kidding…) Well, not really**

For the easy going mom…

Make brunch/ dinner- If you’re not a fantastic cook **shoulders shrug** its okay for some team work, or even some reservations!! Mom will be so happy knowing all of this was done for her!

Cupcakes/ Cake- Seamless & Savvy has the BIGGEST sweet tooth, so this is indeed something I may need to look into for Sunday to benefit a few people!!

Wine- Cheers to a Sunday well spent with some wine, cheese & mom. Don’t have to twist my arm!

Flowers- There is nothing better than peonies, okay biased- BUT really, there is nothing better than fresh smelling flowers that constantly remind you of who they came from.

For the active mom…

Yoga/ Spin/ Barre Class- (Pure Bare, Soul Cycle or your local yoga studios)

For the mom who needs a day to herself…

Hair Gift Card- who doesn’t like getting their hair done?? Thats right, crickets. This is a perfect gift.

Nail Gift Card- She can choose for a pedi or mani, or both 😉

Massage/ Facial Gift Card- That totally sounds necessary. Like. Right. Now.

For the mom who loves her accessories…

Sunnies- Maybe because they’re my personal favorite in my accessories collection, but they’re a great gift to show mom you like her ~style~

Perfume- Well, by this point I feel like each mom has their own scent they like, so it’s a gift you can’t go wrong with if you simply look on her dresser… Check!

Kendra Scott Earrings or Necklace- Very trendy and hot item for all women! You can shop the fashion forward pieces or classic simple pendents. Love a little southern charm!!

Lip Stick/ Gloss- Just ask the Sephora sales lady… I’m sure she’s dying to talk about at least 6 different brands she can talk you into!!

So, after reading this I hope you still don’t settle for the Yankee Candle clean cotton candle… & Remember to write a little something extra in your cards to all the mother figures in your life! ❤


Stay Savvy!

Too Glam to Give a Damn ~~

Too Glam to Give a Damn ~~


If you’re a girly girl like myself, makeup is just something that adds extra flare to each day filled with only the best accessories and outfits. Anyways, makeup is totally apart of an outfit when you think of it: lipsticks, highlighters, eyeshadows… You get it! I don’t understand the controversy over wearing makeup or not. Its a personal choice, just like everything else we do on a day to day basis. Of course, I am strictly speaking of wearing makeup appropriately for the occasions we are a part of. Im not one to explode on the bright and exaggerating looks, but enhancing and glamming is something I am soooo for, and all about.

Nothing like making your baby blues pop, or your sun kissed skin brighter, OR your sleepy under eyes concealed. LOL- Always!! So, without further-a-do I want to introduce my morning makeup routine, and what I use to prep for my day-to-day life. AKA working and attending class… (Well, not anymore!!) So, my makeup routine is worn for a causal and professional environment. (I like to think I do a nice job with that, but i’ll let you be the judge).

  1. Fresh Hydration Face Cream-
    • Super re*fresh*ing and cool. I love how thin it is when it is applied to my face in the AM. It soaks up quickly and gives my face the perfect amount of moisture before it has makeup on it.
  2. NAKED Skin Weightless Ultra Definition liquid foundation
    • There is nothing so light and flawless as this liquid foundation. I have tried sooo many, and this one is by far my favorite. It is so smooth and light, its like you don’t have anything on, while it evens everything out on your face leaving it flawless. 10/10!! Bought @ Ulta- also 24 shades to choose from… WOW!
  3. NARS Soft Velvet Loose Powder
    • Gets the job done. I’ve used this for a few years now… Bought it at Nordstrom and matched my skin tone well…
  4. Too Faced Brow Envy-
    • I bought this at Nordstrom Rack, and I just love! It is like an eye shadow, but the mini brush it comes with allows me to follow along with the shape of my eye brow. Exaggerating your brows are DEF trending but I’m just trying to make my blonde hairs into brown so you can see them… LOL. Irish gal probs 101!
  5. NARS Orgasm Blush
    • My sister bought this for me for Christmas, and I was honestly all set with a blush. I started using it with a smaller blush brush, and I think it adds the perfect pale pink and shimmer to my cheeks for a daily wear. I am impressed!
  6. NAKED Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer
    • **Been there, done that, I know, I know!! BUT if you missed last weeks post, this concealer literally covers everything, and I am not ashamed to admit how obsessed I am with it!! Love how much it brightens my eyes!!
  7. Soleil Tan De Chanel
    • Thanks Robyn for getting me hooked on my gal coco chanel’s bronzer!! Bronzer is just a must have- and it is something that I personally go through quickly, especially in the summer. However, this bronzer is creamy and I apply it with a kabuki brush as it melts onto my face… AHHHHH! This has a small shimmer to it, as well as a beautiful small scent! Another 10/10 for everyday use.
  8. NAKED 3 palette
    • Love me some NAKED palettes… The light blush pink tones in this allows for a subtle look for someone looking to achieve the natural look. The darker tones are for the evening look, or something more formal. Either way, I think the NAKED pallets are all versatile and worth while. Pictured: Urban Decay primer potion… I put this on before and without it- I wouldn’t have any eyeshadow left… So it truly makes my shadow stay ON!
  9. Trish McEvoy Jet Black Mascara-
    • Strolling through Nordstrom and the sales woman got me. UGH! Anyways- love this love this love this!! I think the coolest part is that when it is taken off, it balls up instead of running down your face. So, essentially the cleanest mascara you can own (must be why I’m obsessed LOL). So, I think the color is great, I just wish it gave more volume. Standing there painting my lashes on is definitely my least favorite part of my routine. (Prob cause I barely have any!!!)
  10. All Night Longer Urban Decay Setting Spray-
    • I swear by this!!! I think it truly works. There is nothing worse than makeup melting off, and with this I find it rare that it does. It makes your makeup truly stay on all day!

So, my process is about 10 steps give or take- and it truly doesn’t take too much time for me each morning. Believe me, I am a firm believer of how beauty does in fact come from within, but there is nothing like leaving your house with extra definition and confidence to go have the best day you possibly can.

I am always open to trying new things, either with BirchBox, or ipsy, but what are my fellow bloggers wearing? I’d love to know!!

Stay Savvy!




IMG_0314If Seamless & Savvy was stranded… She’d be in some serious trouble. There are many things I can’t live without, but here are a few essentials that are a must have for my day to day life. Maybe I am just stuck in my ways.. (LOL, say it ain’t so?!) What are your top favorite things? Here are mine:


I am **The seltzer queen** … There is nothing like Polar Seltzer & all of the flavors that come along with it. My favorites include cranberry lime & black cherry. Their marketing techniques are pretty cool too… The last time they released a cool unique flavor and bottle design my mom went crazy and bought about 20 bottles since they were limited edition… The found love comes from my Mom, so if you’re reading Mom… Thanks for the good taste! But.. If you’re thinking of the real good seltzer…. Lets talk about Spiked Seltzer, Truly, or Nauti Seltzers… The best beach drink for around 100 calories… My warning to you if you haven’t learned already: they hit ya reaaaaaal fast & unexpectedly!!!!!

Nike socks

… Don’t judge until you try! They’re very comfortable with some extra cushion to give you an extra pep in your step. The tail of the sock comes up just enough where your sneaker doesn’t rub on the back of your heel… Ouch! I have a bunch of colors as well as white ones. They also indicate right or left foot… Totally necessary. Side note- I have a thing about matching socks… They NEED to match… So when I only have two lefts… Ugh forget about it!

Soundlink Color BOSE Speaker 

At the beach, taking a shower, school work, cooking (who am I kidding?), background music in general just makes everything better. My mom didn’t know what to get me for a gift one year, and this ended up being something I told her to maybe get. It hooks up by bluetooth and you can connect your music through your iPhone, iPad, anything that has bluetooth. I find myself  literally using this everyday and it sure gets major use. Great gift for someone who loves their music!!


(Speak)ing of music… Spotify. Is. A. Must. Seriouslyyyyy! I always bought music off of iTunes because my parents didn’t believe in illegally downloading music (hey LimeWire), and then once that faded I was turned onto Pandora. There is nothing worse than advertisements popping up between songs and limited skips… Even on Spotify. So, each month I pay for Spotify. I get the student discount (WELL NOT FOR LONG!!!) and I pay $4.99 a month for the premium plan with unlimited music and skips. I make my own playlists and follows friends and family. Your followers can also see what you’re listening to. * Thanks Maggie Mcclellan for the shout outs once in a while!! Premium without the student discount is $9.99, and for up to 5 accounts you can get the family plan for $14.99.

Like to Know It

Being an instagram enthusiast and following many bloggers… Like to Know it came about in my life very quickly. It is simply a way to shop off of instagram. You sign up via email through your own instagram account. If you ‘like’ the photo that is tagged with Like to Know It, you get sent an email with the photo following the links to shop the look. The new app, allows you to find your likes and screenshots of the posts, and you can conveniently shop even faster! This is dangerous, because what blogger doesn’t look 10/10 on insta? So, yes thats where all of my money goes…

kate spade lacy wallet

This wallet includes so much space & allows for a lot of organization. This is one of my favorites since my wallet is always so heavy & full… & not of $$ (LOL)! So many pockets for various cards, two cash spots, and a change pocket. In all honesty, since this wallet is such a good size, I carry it around solo far too often, as well as sticking way too many receipts in it. The colors available are indescribable and it will be so hard to pick your next one.

NAKED Skin Urban Decay concealer

Pale & tired? LOL okay yes thats sometimes ME! I feel like I’ve gone through many different brands of concealers and I have finally found the right one. So, I want to inform those in need! I use the matte finish, in the color Fair. It looks like a lip gloss tube, and it paints on nicely because of the swab it has, you get much coverage in one swoop!  I love it because overs all the unwanted dark circles, and brightens up your eyes.

Swell Water Bottle

I got this as part of my birthday gift from my aunt, and I am hooked. I always knew about these water bottles but I didn’t realize how cool they actually were. First off, they’re are so many different colors and patterns to match your style, its so hard not to want one! My aunt bought a me textile collection one, and it was hand painted… LOVE! I bring  it with me everyday to class & work. As long as I screw the cap back on, my water is still cold all throughout the day. I should probably drink more water if I can say that it stays cold for that long, but we all have those days! Either way, you’re doing your part in saving the world by reusing, isn’t that enough?

Mario Badescu moisturizer

Available at Ulta, or online… I found this brand 3 years ago, and I am never going back. I use all of the facial products, but the moisturizer really seems to stick out to me. I use a morning and evening one. Apparently, the evening one is stronger and is made to be used alone. There are various kinds of products to relate to the type of skin. The one I use makes my face feel like it can actually breathe and it gives SO much hydration… Especially this time of year it so SO needed.

Oral-B Electric toothbrush 

Talk about squeaky clean! My sister and I both got these electric tooth brushes for christmas one year (what a gift, huh?) and honestly it’s the best TBH! You just simply re-charge about once a week and the power just cleans away! There are different heads you can clip on depending on what type of clean you want. I currently am using a flossing head and it really gets in all over! If you don’t have an electric tooth brush… I highly recommend one!!

Keurig Coffee Machine

Love a coffee maker, and this is just perfect for the on-the-go person. Although one cup doesn’t always do the trick… Weekdays, the coffee maker is perfect. You simply make & go! Well, for my case… Mom gets another shout out!!! She makes my coffee before she leaves for work & puts it in my to-go cup and its hot for hours!! Drinking coffee in the morning only seems right, so if its your thing and you don’t actually have a Keurig, you’re really late to the coffee game, and you simply should get one.

What are your favorite things?


Stay Savvy!

How the Tech did Rebecca Minkoff do it?

How the Tech did Rebecca Minkoff do it?

Special S/O to my favorite gals Louise & Robyn for the pic of my fav Rebecca Minkoff cross body ;*

Rebecca Minkoff is a phenomenal fashion leader, especially regarding her use of technology… (get the title now?) So, the name is Rebecca Minkoff and she is a young fashion role model & leader. She is innovative, brave, & a hard working gal when it comes to the business of fashion. She had a dream of once becoming a clothing designer that sparked her interest when she took a costume design class in high school. From there, at just 18 Rebecca packed up, moved to the Big Apple (NYC, of course) and decided to make her dream a reality. Well, if only we all could hustle like Rebecca… *sighs…* From then to now, she has created a unique empire filled with accessories & beyond. Her use of bold metallic vibes, leather, denim, embroidery, fringe, and neons… She truly lets her edgy style to stand out as a designer.

In an interview held with ABC News, Rebecca said something that stuck out to me, as well as defines her own style through her branding:

Always put on one thing that makes you slightly uncomfortable. Not physically uncomfortable, but what takes you out of your comfort zone” – Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca built her empire from the bottom; she started with $10,000 and made a decision to go into business with her brother. Uri Minkoff, her “fairy god brother” decided to invest his whole life savings with Rebecca so she could create her dream. He made a deal with her, that she couldn’t let a bad boyfriend ever get in the way of their business. The two started their journey in 2009 and now in 2017, the two own 100% of their multi million dollar business. What a transformation… a handbag designer turned into a global lifestyle brand filled with apparel, athleisure, handbags, footwear, jewelry, and tech accessories. There is also a mens section called Uri Minkoff filled with clothing & accessories (Sawyer & Jarvis, 2015).

The brand is found in many department stores… (900 stores worldwide) as well as three domestic retail stores, & two international locations. Speaking of Rebecca Minkoff stores… Something that makes her unique is her ability to grow with technology and all that it offers at such a fast rate. Two years ago I took a fashion course about predicting future trends, especially with the use of technology. There, I was introduced to Rebecca Minkoff, and my fascination of her admirable work ethic sparked. There is something about innovative products that grab many potential shoppers attention, and at the Rebecca Minkoff flagship, it does just that.

Have you ever decided not to try something on in a store because you’re too lazy? Or, you know that you’ll have to walk out and show the stylist? Or that you don’t look/ feel your best so you know what you’re trying on won’t look good? Well, Rebecca Minkoff has a special virtual fitting room that changes the goal of technology usage.

In SOHO, NYC you can find THE coolest mirrors & fitting rooms EVER! The mirrors located around the store once touched, allow the customer to view the latest seasons look book, as well as order a complimentary cup of coffee or glass of champagne. The customer enters in their phone number, and the associates communicate VIA text if there is needed support regarding fitting rooms, drinks, and items.

In the fitting room, the products brought in are sensed through the eBay technology, and the customer can use the mirror to search the product styled in various ways, look at the color ways, as well as search for other sizes. It is like an online shopping experience while you’re simultaneously in the store… Weird?? Anyways, you can change the lighting to see yourself in different settings, you know to see if you can capture the day to night look.

The interactive fitting rooms have allowed Rebecca Minkoff to triple their clothing sale predictions, as well as 30% of those who walk into the fitting room, leave with more than they went in with. “An in store experience with the convince of e-commerce benefits” (Milnes, 2015). Engaging in stores is something that seems to be a lost art at the moment with many shoppers using technology in the comfort of their own home to execute their shopping. So, with the mixture of both, Rebecca Minkoff stands out, as well as stands alone with this incredible design to attract the target customer (millennials).  Rebecca Minkoff is still enhancing and improving the technology, as it is something that brings the customer back for more. Although this technology works best in a smaller store, I wonder what will happen next in the business/ technology field in the fashion industry?

For more on Rebecca Minkoff and her incredibly COOL style click here for her website & click here for the video of the mirror!

Thanks for following along on one of the research blog posts… It always seems to be a bit more beneficial learning while blogging. Come back real soon- Seamless & Savvy is enhancing the blog for a portfolio day in just a few weeks and is trying to reach 2 posts a week. Can it be done?!

Stay Savvy!

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Putting On A Messy Bun & Getting Things DONE!

Putting On A Messy Bun & Getting Things DONE!


Okay, so it’s spring, and it’s raining… I bet you can guess what this weeks post is on… SPRING CLEANING! That’s right, you heard it. Now, Seamless & Savvy is in major need of a closet clean out… I think it has been a few years since the black trash bags have been brought out and I’ve neglected those unwanted items… But to be honest, studying fashion has truly made me a clothing hoarder. With the fashion cycle (you know, how fashion ALWAYS comes back…) I just can’t seem to find a good enough reason to throw away. UGH! Anyways, with my Paris shopping haul and inspo… Enough is enough. My closet(s)** are truly EXPLODING and BURSTING at the seams!!! (LOL, get it?!) Anyways… Here’s to my attempt at becoming a minimalist HAHA, wish me luck.

How to start? Well… Make a check list.

  1. Does it make you happy?
  2. Have you worn it in the past year?
  3. Have you ever even wore it?
  4. Does it fit?
  5. Is it our of style?
  6. When will you wear it again?

Okay, so get on your cleaning clothes & get ready to dig in. Remember, keep those questions in mind!!


  1. Take the piece of clothing off the hanger, which you are contemplating- and fold it in a pile.
  2. After this is done the only things left hanging in your closet should be your favorites!
  3. Check out what is folded and organize into YES, MAYBE, NO piles.
  4. If you have the tome & patience… Maybe leave the situation and come back with a fresh mind.
  5. From there, think about the below possibilities & group the items off to where they should go. Either back in your closet, to the less fortunate, or to sell!

Where to sell your clothing & accessories you’ve paid a pretty penny for:

  1. threadUP
  2. Poshmark
  3. Your local consignment shop
  4. Tradesy
  5. Craigslist/ eBay

Now, to organize!!!!!

If you have the room in your closet, first and foremost sort by clothing type:

  1. Tank Top
  2. T- Shirts
  3. Long Sleeves
  4. Sweaters
  5. Jackets/ blazers
  6. Vests
  7. Jeans
  8. Leggings
  9. Dress Pants
  10. Palazzo Pants
  11. Shorts
  12. Skirts
  13. Dresses

Now, bring the spring/ summer clothing up front, and winter towards the back / clear away. Sort each different silhouette (style) as we call it in the fashion world for easy access. I prefer to fold my sweaters as they do not belong on hangers as it stretches the yarns leaving hanger marks. I fold all of my pants & shorts and even my skirts. I like to group things together, so the solids will be near the solids, and the prints will be near the prints. Here comes my favorite part… Everything having a home.

I love different containers and boxes to put things in. My scarves, bathing suits, hats/ gloves, workout wear, PJs, tights, clutches, etc., all have their own home in various sized bins. Easily accessible and convenient to get. I also keep my jewelry pretty organized with a cork board and pins. I hang my necklaces up, and my favorite bracelets are placed on a wine bottle, and the rest in a bin.

One of two cork boards I painted to match my walls

Okay, so I know how to be organized, I know how to stay clean, and keep tidy… But I don’t know how to stop shopping. So, I am looking into Poshmark & threadUP myself to see if I can make a little/ throw a little and spend a little/ buy a little at the same time!!

I hope this makes you want to run into your room and rip apart your closet to clean!!!!! LOL me either……… I hope you enjoyed the photos of my jewelry because, well, I have had this post in my drafts waiting for my before & after closet picture… SOOOO…. Maybe next week 😉 Good luck to those taking the plunge!!

Stay Savvy!