Moms Make EVERYTHING Beautiful

Moms Make EVERYTHING Beautiful


Thursday before Mother’s Day & I still wouldn’t consider myself last minute… LOL Well, I am now. (Sorry Mum if you’re reading!!!) I spent my last Thursday morning off shopping for a few upcoming essentials: shoes/ dresses for graduation activities, a Mother’s Day gift, and too many of my favorite peeps birthdays are in June, so yes b-day gifts. May is flying right out of my hands… I am trying to hold on!! What an exciting month though, I must say!

So, back to the real reason I am writing… Mother’s Day!

How does one go about a gift to say “thank you” to the most selfless woman in their life? At least this is how I personally feel. My mom does everything to keep my family content and pieced together each and every day. Whether she puts money on the Starbucks card, prepares a meal, or sends a simple goodnight text… I truly feel confident in the one person who is ALWAYS there for me. She is there for the good and the bad, and the best and the worst, being the most selfless woman I know. How do I show her my love in just one day dedicated to her? Well, I know money doesn’t buy love (well, I just won’t go there!) but how & what to give mom on Mother’s Day…?

Below are some of the ideas I thought of while my sister is on HHI calling me telling me to cover the gift and card this year. (This will be the 5th year and counting I do so…. AHEM lol kidding…) Well, not really**

For the easy going mom…

Make brunch/ dinner- If you’re not a fantastic cook **shoulders shrug** its okay for some team work, or even some reservations!! Mom will be so happy knowing all of this was done for her!

Cupcakes/ Cake- Seamless & Savvy has the BIGGEST sweet tooth, so this is indeed something I may need to look into for Sunday to benefit a few people!!

Wine- Cheers to a Sunday well spent with some wine, cheese & mom. Don’t have to twist my arm!

Flowers- There is nothing better than peonies, okay biased- BUT really, there is nothing better than fresh smelling flowers that constantly remind you of who they came from.

For the active mom…

Yoga/ Spin/ Barre Class- (Pure Bare, Soul Cycle or your local yoga studios)

For the mom who needs a day to herself…

Hair Gift Card- who doesn’t like getting their hair done?? Thats right, crickets. This is a perfect gift.

Nail Gift Card- She can choose for a pedi or mani, or both 😉

Massage/ Facial Gift Card- That totally sounds necessary. Like. Right. Now.

For the mom who loves her accessories…

Sunnies- Maybe because they’re my personal favorite in my accessories collection, but they’re a great gift to show mom you like her ~style~

Perfume- Well, by this point I feel like each mom has their own scent they like, so it’s a gift you can’t go wrong with if you simply look on her dresser… Check!

Kendra Scott Earrings or Necklace- Very trendy and hot item for all women! You can shop the fashion forward pieces or classic simple pendents. Love a little southern charm!!

Lip Stick/ Gloss- Just ask the Sephora sales lady… I’m sure she’s dying to talk about at least 6 different brands she can talk you into!!

So, after reading this I hope you still don’t settle for the Yankee Candle clean cotton candle… & Remember to write a little something extra in your cards to all the mother figures in your life! ❤


Stay Savvy!

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