When all else fails… Call DAD

When all else fails… Call DAD


After all these years, I find myself more than ever calling my Dad. From mass pike traffic jams, to a broken down Haundai, to political views and cleaning habits- my dad gets me for sure. Even though he never knows quite what type of mood I am in- the 5PM pre commute text or phone call is a daily reminder that someone is always there and thinking of me. Breakfast on Sundays, clean cars, paid bills, cold drinks and warm dinners are just a few things that my dad does regularly for my family. It’s times like these which make me feel so incredibly grateful and lucky to have someone like him to do all the things he does without hesitation.

My Dad is the first person I call in a panic or time of need- and that alone is not an easy job (LOL- but really). He is my number one supporter, especially with his strong beliefs to be a greater version of yourself and to contribute to society each and every day. He continues to push me to strive for my goals and to set the bar high. Without all of the unconditional love my Dad gives each day, I wouldn’t be who I am. With that in mind, I am sure readers are asking the same question… What to get dad for Father’s Day? If your dad is anything like mine and enjoys the luxurious things in life GOOD LUCK!

Well, here are some ideas:

Amazon Echo

If your dad is one with technology… Or you are a family that loves a good laugh or two… This may be the perfect gift! Alexa features as a speaker that plays music, answers questions, voice recognizes, reads the news, weather, and traffic for you. AKA a bigger Siri. Great/ fun gift- but totally see my family using it for maybe a month…

Bose Bluetooth Speaker

I know I have previously talked about this product in other posts, but I love. It’s a great gift if your dad listens to music- but make sure his cell phone has bluetooth in order for it to connect… It plays loudly and clearly in a good size room with a fair amount of people too!

Hammock/ Swing

For all of dads hard work in and around the house, he deserves a space to take it all in and relax. I mean, he was the one who did the yard work- so he mine as well be the one to admire it!! Maybe you can set this up for him? Ya right!


Talking about relaxing… There’s no better way to kick around the house than cozy slippers. Personally, I would recommend L.L. Bean or Ugg- quality guaranteed. Dad would definitely feel like a king in either.


Simple and sweet. You know he will drink it, and it says that you just simply know what happiness is for your dad. So, this is something my sister and I decided to get our Dad as part of his gift…

It is all about the love and thought that counts. I know for my dad a drink at the Shanty on Cape is something he’d enjoy on Father’s Day. So, heres to you Dad- one of my biggest blog fans!! ❤







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