Tune into the Weekend

Tune into the Weekend

peep the Bose headphones 😉

Seamless & Savvy is getting ready for the highly anticipated July 4th weekend, and it cannot be done without a playlist for all of the activities each day will bring. From the car rides, all day at the beach, getting ready to go out, or in the Uber on the way to the bar, lets turn up the tunes and get in (mini) vacation mode! Each song on Seamless & Savvys top hits playlist will give you a variety of selections, fitting all your weekend needs!! Well, if you’re in tune with what’s hot on the pop station… No matter if you add one, or all of these songs to your weekend playlist I know you won’t regret it! So, enjoy these trendy songs from summer country tunes, to the “pop” of fun!

For the mood to party…

I’m the One- DJ Khaled

The ultimate pump up for the weekend, am I right? Not sure if it is more of an accomplishment knowing all of the words or something to be ashamed of? Either way, such a good pre-game song~ get ready everyone!

Despacito Remix- Luis Fonsi

… All I have to say is Justin Bieber bilingual?! OKAY! He sure does “turn every situation into heaven”… got me feelin’ some kind of way. Did you know that despacito means slowly? Look up the lyrics in English… I dare you!!

Good Life- G-Eazy

Alright, title says it all… We do put the good in the good life and the bad in the past- it’s up to us to make it to be the best life it can possibly be. AKA a quick reminder it’s not that bad after all.

Cut To The Feeling- Carly Rae Jepson

This “giddy pop song” totally makes me want to dance on the roof and cut to the feeling~ SUCH. A. F.U.N. SONG. You will love- and special shootout to Katherine for bringing this into my life!

Feels- Calvin Harris

The beat totally makes me feel like I am back 1 year ago on my cruise to Bermuda with the ~funky~ music. I had to put this song in front of Slide, but either way, Calvin Harris is an entertaining artist. And good looking- duh (insert fire emoji here).


Wild Thoughts- DJ Khaled, Rihanna, Bryson Tiller

Slide- Calvin Harris, Frank Ocean, Migos

Digital Love- Digital Farm Animals

For the summertime country mood…

Do I Make You Wanna- Billy Currington

This song honestly ~makes me wanna~ blast my radio and drive…home from work.  The things you actually want to do when you’re in love… HA HA HA. Not bitter because I actually LOVE listening to this song and if I had someone to let my hair down and play a little truth or dare with I would…

All The Pretty Girls- Kenny Chesney

Latest Kenny song just in time for my summer kick off!! He is such a classic- you just can’t go wrong… Especially on the beach and in the car with the windows down!

No Such Thing as a Broken Heart- Old Dominion

Oooooo this song is just the best! I love the meaning behind it all. It is up beat and just so cute. If you give it a listen, it truly just says you have to let go of all your fears and let it all happen and trust the process. This is totally my mantra; therefore I just love when this song pops up for me!

Just a Phase- Adam Craig

O M G- YES, yes, yes. Couldn’t love this song more if I tried. If you’re looking for a slow song including ALL the feels- this is your JAM. … You’re welcome.

Smooth- Florida Georgia Line

Besides the frogs croaking throughout the song… I like it! Its such a beach song- you can always have a good time listing to FGL, this just happens to be their latest song.


When It Rains It Pours- Luke Combs

Roots- Zac Brown Band

They Don’t Know- Jason Aldean

For the calm & cool mood…

What Do I Know- Ed Sheeran

… I can’t believe I just picked one, but the “divide” album alone is just incredible. I suggest you listen to the whole thing and then realize you, too, would marry Ed Sheeran.

In the Blood- John Mayer

I heard this on country 102.5 as a debatable country song… I don’t agree- but take a listen to know for yourself. Either way, John Mayer is just the perfect touch to an easy-going playlist.

Malibu- Miley Cyrus

This song is about Liam Hemsworth and their 2.5 million dollar home in Malibu. Everytime I picture the two of them, I think back to the truck scene in The Last Song where they sing She Will Be Loved back and forth to each other… Ugh seriously melting just thinking about it!! But, I bet the sky is more blue in Malibu, Miley.


Young- The Chainsmokers

Lot to Learn- Luke Christopher

Slow Hands- Niall Horan

Click on the title of the described songs to get a preview if you haven’t already… & there you have it… Some hot songs to pump up your weekend! Check in soon for a few favorite weekend looks from the beach to the cookout. Hope everyone has a fun, exciting, and safe 4th of July! USA & rose all DAY for Seamless & Savvy!


Stay Savvy!

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