Ireland: A Wee Bit Perfect

Ireland: A Wee Bit Perfect

Well, well, well… look who’s back in action! That is right… can you believe your eyes? After a long, well deserved *IDK about that* hiatus, Seamless is back in action! Stay tuned for some exciting things coming up like: a bathroom renovation  (I am still deciding on colors, so don’t hold your breath), Memorial Day weekend outfit inspo… and a few other surprises! Make sure you follow Instagram and Facebook for all the deets!

OK- now where was I??? Oh, Ireland! Wow- how do I even describe it? Truly one of the world’s most beautiful places to say the least… From Cork City to the fields in Waterford- simply unique in every which way. About a month ago, I was lucky enough to spend eight days with my grandmother and sister traveling through the southern part of the country on a bus tour. Two nights in Cork, four nights in Killarney (I left my heart there) and lastly, two nights in Waterford.

Blarney Castle

We flew into Dublin airport on the night flight, (oh side note do NOT get me started on TSA in Europe….) upon arrival, we had a nice tour of Dublin city and our first stop was in Cashell. This led me to really get a feel for the country, Cashell was what you picture Ireland like from the movies. After a mom-and-pop breakfast filled with so many scones, on top of an irish breakfast, with ALL the tea I could have ever wanted, we explored the Cashell Castle, and I took in the smell and sights of cows, horses, and sheep. I must say, and you can hold me to it, if I were to ever end up in Ireland in my next life, you bet I am going to own a farm!

After a nice scenic ride, we arrived in Cork City. Maura and I instantly took off to explore on 30 minutes of sleep in 24 hours. We couldn’t find an iced coffee anywhere, and when we asked, a few shops said to us “you’re American” but we did end up finding the cutest coffee shop where we found WiFi… AHHH what more?! LOL, JK! We really only used it to check in at home and let our parents know we made it. After discussing places to shop, see, eat, and drink- I felt like I knew the city like the back of my hand, especially after the 2 days. We really enjoyed Cork City, fun fact, our bestie is from Cork! (Hi Robyn!) and this is where we met up with her Granny and Uncle. It was truly a special afternoon filled with red wine & Bulmers sharing stories and laughs.

visits with Granny & Gary!

A few of my favorite things that we did while staying in Cork City was traveling to the Blarney Stone and the Blarney Woolen Mills. The castles are incredible, and obviously the Blarney Castle is something special. Pictures do not do all of the castles justice. Additionally, I genuinely loved Cork City itself, the street music, the shopping, AKA Penny’s and Dunnes (irish stores they compare to H&M/ Forever 21/ Target).

As we moved on with our trip and made it to Killarney, we stayed in the BEST hotel with impeccable hospitality. If you are headed there and looking for a place to stay, I highly recommend the Killarney Towers. The location was right off of the main road filled with every type of pub and shop you could imagine. There, I tried my first Guinness AND Jameson and Ginger Ale. We would shop, drink and eat through the town as each day went on. I found a love for the irish brown bread and vegetable soup. I really think I had that 8 days in a row… and what I would do now for a bowl of it…SO. GOOD- but if you don’t like pureed soup, it’s not for you.


Anyways- my favorite things while staying in Killarney would without a doubt be The Ring of Kerry. This is a scenic ride up and down the south west point of Ireland for over 100 miles. With multiple stops along the way, we saw sun, rain, hail, snow, sleet and wind, and all were at extreme conditions. It was something I have never in my life experienced before, and it was just simply amazing how the altitudes can adjust so quickly with temperatures and climates. Stopping for lunch, Maura and I saw a man walking his goat, and no we didn’t even have a whiskey yet- it was real life! Also, I saw my first ever T.K. Maxx, and if you know me… need I say more!? We got to meet up with some of our family friends in Killarney which also brought new friends, and lots of friendly faces. Killarney will always hold a special place in my heart and I can’t wait to get back there.

Muckross Castle (my favorite)

Alas, en route to our final destination we stopped at another castle, and the Smithwicks brewery. SO cool, but its not Guinness, and any real irishman will tell you that loud and proud. After a long day of travel, we arrived to Waterford. I had high expectations of this place. We have family that has come to the states that live there, I had a big imagination of it, and with Waterford being home of my favorite timeless pieces, Waterford Crystal. *remember that.. LOL LOL not KIDDING! Anyways, who would have thought that we would be eating dinner and have someone pop in the pub looking for Ma? Well, we all know that answer… of course she would! Thousands of miles away from Worcester, and we had a room full of family and friends both of our nights stay in Waterford. With family that welcomed us with drinks, food, songs and laughs it was nothing short of amazing memories. One of the highlights of visiting Waterford was getting to see where my great-grandmother grew up in the late 1800’s. Ma became so overwhelmed with emotion getting to be with her family the last two days. Seeing her this happy, made the entire trek over to Ireland so beyond worth it.


sheep en route on the Ring of Kerry
New friends from Waterford! 

I’m already planning my next trip back, making sure it is filled with many visits to friends and family, as this seems that this is the only was the irish do it. Everyone we met whether it was the first time, or for the hundredth time, couldn’t have been more welcoming. We are so lucky to still have ties to Ireland as strong as we do.

If you’re hopping across the pond anytime soon to any of these places, I would love to suggest shops, pubs, and places that we visited. I’ve never experienced a country quite like Ireland, where I found beauty in the most simple ways.

Thanks for following along on this adventure of mine!

Stay Savvy!

the return of seamless! ❤

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