Maggie is a 22 year old gal living west of Boston who finds beauty in the world around her. She has a passion for fashion, and is always searching for the latest trends. Studying fashion merchandising and communication arts allowed Maggie to become who she is today through her studies, friends, and career. There is a special place in her heart for her family, friends, & colleagues that have lead her to where she has found her nitch.

Maggie enjoys traveling to cape cod, where she spends quality time with family, shopping with her mom & sister, catching up on social media, reading her horoscope on Mondays, craft beer brewery’s & wine vineyards, and getting dressed up. Maggie is always finding inspiration wherever she may be, jotting down notes and taking snapshots. Join Maggie on her Savvy adventures for the love of fashion.

Thanks for following my savvy adventures!!