IMG_0314If Seamless & Savvy was stranded… She’d be in some serious trouble. There are many things I can’t live without, but here are a few essentials that are a must have for my day to day life. Maybe I am just stuck in my ways.. (LOL, say it ain’t so?!) What are your top favorite things? Here are mine:


I am **The seltzer queen** … There is nothing like Polar Seltzer & all of the flavors that come along with it. My favorites include cranberry lime & black cherry. Their marketing techniques are pretty cool too… The last time they released a cool unique flavor and bottle design my mom went crazy and bought about 20 bottles since they were limited edition… The found love comes from my Mom, so if you’re reading Mom… Thanks for the good taste! But.. If you’re thinking of the real good seltzer…. Lets talk about Spiked Seltzer, Truly, or Nauti Seltzers… The best beach drink for around 100 calories… My warning to you if you haven’t learned already: they hit ya reaaaaaal fast & unexpectedly!!!!!

Nike socks

… Don’t judge until you try! They’re very comfortable with some extra cushion to give you an extra pep in your step. The tail of the sock comes up just enough where your sneaker doesn’t rub on the back of your heel… Ouch! I have a bunch of colors as well as white ones. They also indicate right or left foot… Totally necessary. Side note- I have a thing about matching socks… They NEED to match… So when I only have two lefts… Ugh forget about it!

Soundlink Color BOSE Speaker 

At the beach, taking a shower, school work, cooking (who am I kidding?), background music in general just makes everything better. My mom didn’t know what to get me for a gift one year, and this ended up being something I told her to maybe get. It hooks up by bluetooth and you can connect your music through your iPhone, iPad, anything that has bluetooth. I find myself  literally using this everyday and it sure gets major use. Great gift for someone who loves their music!!


(Speak)ing of music… Spotify. Is. A. Must. Seriouslyyyyy! I always bought music off of iTunes because my parents didn’t believe in illegally downloading music (hey LimeWire), and then once that faded I was turned onto Pandora. There is nothing worse than advertisements popping up between songs and limited skips… Even on Spotify. So, each month I pay for Spotify. I get the student discount (WELL NOT FOR LONG!!!) and I pay $4.99 a month for the premium plan with unlimited music and skips. I make my own playlists and follows friends and family. Your followers can also see what you’re listening to. * Thanks Maggie Mcclellan for the shout outs once in a while!! Premium without the student discount is $9.99, and for up to 5 accounts you can get the family plan for $14.99.

Like to Know It

Being an instagram enthusiast and following many bloggers… Like to Know it came about in my life very quickly. It is simply a way to shop off of instagram. You sign up via email through your own instagram account. If you ‘like’ the photo that is tagged with Like to Know It, you get sent an email with the photo following the links to shop the look. The new app, allows you to find your likes and screenshots of the posts, and you can conveniently shop even faster! This is dangerous, because what blogger doesn’t look 10/10 on insta? So, yes thats where all of my money goes…

kate spade lacy wallet

This wallet includes so much space & allows for a lot of organization. This is one of my favorites since my wallet is always so heavy & full… & not of $$ (LOL)! So many pockets for various cards, two cash spots, and a change pocket. In all honesty, since this wallet is such a good size, I carry it around solo far too often, as well as sticking way too many receipts in it. The colors available are indescribable and it will be so hard to pick your next one.

NAKED Skin Urban Decay concealer

Pale & tired? LOL okay yes thats sometimes ME! I feel like I’ve gone through many different brands of concealers and I have finally found the right one. So, I want to inform those in need! I use the matte finish, in the color Fair. It looks like a lip gloss tube, and it paints on nicely because of the swab it has, you get much coverage in one swoop!  I love it because overs all the unwanted dark circles, and brightens up your eyes.

Swell Water Bottle

I got this as part of my birthday gift from my aunt, and I am hooked. I always knew about these water bottles but I didn’t realize how cool they actually were. First off, they’re are so many different colors and patterns to match your style, its so hard not to want one! My aunt bought a me textile collection one, and it was hand painted… LOVE! I bring  it with me everyday to class & work. As long as I screw the cap back on, my water is still cold all throughout the day. I should probably drink more water if I can say that it stays cold for that long, but we all have those days! Either way, you’re doing your part in saving the world by reusing, isn’t that enough?

Mario Badescu moisturizer

Available at Ulta, or online… I found this brand 3 years ago, and I am never going back. I use all of the facial products, but the moisturizer really seems to stick out to me. I use a morning and evening one. Apparently, the evening one is stronger and is made to be used alone. There are various kinds of products to relate to the type of skin. The one I use makes my face feel like it can actually breathe and it gives SO much hydration… Especially this time of year it so SO needed.

Oral-B Electric toothbrush 

Talk about squeaky clean! My sister and I both got these electric tooth brushes for christmas one year (what a gift, huh?) and honestly it’s the best TBH! You just simply re-charge about once a week and the power just cleans away! There are different heads you can clip on depending on what type of clean you want. I currently am using a flossing head and it really gets in all over! If you don’t have an electric tooth brush… I highly recommend one!!

Keurig Coffee Machine

Love a coffee maker, and this is just perfect for the on-the-go person. Although one cup doesn’t always do the trick… Weekdays, the coffee maker is perfect. You simply make & go! Well, for my case… Mom gets another shout out!!! She makes my coffee before she leaves for work & puts it in my to-go cup and its hot for hours!! Drinking coffee in the morning only seems right, so if its your thing and you don’t actually have a Keurig, you’re really late to the coffee game, and you simply should get one.

What are your favorite things?


Stay Savvy!

How the Tech did Rebecca Minkoff do it?

How the Tech did Rebecca Minkoff do it?

Special S/O to my favorite gals Louise & Robyn for the pic of my fav Rebecca Minkoff cross body ;*

Rebecca Minkoff is a phenomenal fashion leader, especially regarding her use of technology… (get the title now?) So, the name is Rebecca Minkoff and she is a young fashion role model & leader. She is innovative, brave, & a hard working gal when it comes to the business of fashion. She had a dream of once becoming a clothing designer that sparked her interest when she took a costume design class in high school. From there, at just 18 Rebecca packed up, moved to the Big Apple (NYC, of course) and decided to make her dream a reality. Well, if only we all could hustle like Rebecca… *sighs…* From then to now, she has created a unique empire filled with accessories & beyond. Her use of bold metallic vibes, leather, denim, embroidery, fringe, and neons… She truly lets her edgy style to stand out as a designer.

In an interview held with ABC News, Rebecca said something that stuck out to me, as well as defines her own style through her branding:

Always put on one thing that makes you slightly uncomfortable. Not physically uncomfortable, but what takes you out of your comfort zone” – Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca built her empire from the bottom; she started with $10,000 and made a decision to go into business with her brother. Uri Minkoff, her “fairy god brother” decided to invest his whole life savings with Rebecca so she could create her dream. He made a deal with her, that she couldn’t let a bad boyfriend ever get in the way of their business. The two started their journey in 2009 and now in 2017, the two own 100% of their multi million dollar business. What a transformation… a handbag designer turned into a global lifestyle brand filled with apparel, athleisure, handbags, footwear, jewelry, and tech accessories. There is also a mens section called Uri Minkoff filled with clothing & accessories (Sawyer & Jarvis, 2015).

The brand is found in many department stores… (900 stores worldwide) as well as three domestic retail stores, & two international locations. Speaking of Rebecca Minkoff stores… Something that makes her unique is her ability to grow with technology and all that it offers at such a fast rate. Two years ago I took a fashion course about predicting future trends, especially with the use of technology. There, I was introduced to Rebecca Minkoff, and my fascination of her admirable work ethic sparked. There is something about innovative products that grab many potential shoppers attention, and at the Rebecca Minkoff flagship, it does just that.

Have you ever decided not to try something on in a store because you’re too lazy? Or, you know that you’ll have to walk out and show the stylist? Or that you don’t look/ feel your best so you know what you’re trying on won’t look good? Well, Rebecca Minkoff has a special virtual fitting room that changes the goal of technology usage.

In SOHO, NYC you can find THE coolest mirrors & fitting rooms EVER! The mirrors located around the store once touched, allow the customer to view the latest seasons look book, as well as order a complimentary cup of coffee or glass of champagne. The customer enters in their phone number, and the associates communicate VIA text if there is needed support regarding fitting rooms, drinks, and items.

In the fitting room, the products brought in are sensed through the eBay technology, and the customer can use the mirror to search the product styled in various ways, look at the color ways, as well as search for other sizes. It is like an online shopping experience while you’re simultaneously in the store… Weird?? Anyways, you can change the lighting to see yourself in different settings, you know to see if you can capture the day to night look.

The interactive fitting rooms have allowed Rebecca Minkoff to triple their clothing sale predictions, as well as 30% of those who walk into the fitting room, leave with more than they went in with. “An in store experience with the convince of e-commerce benefits” (Milnes, 2015). Engaging in stores is something that seems to be a lost art at the moment with many shoppers using technology in the comfort of their own home to execute their shopping. So, with the mixture of both, Rebecca Minkoff stands out, as well as stands alone with this incredible design to attract the target customer (millennials).  Rebecca Minkoff is still enhancing and improving the technology, as it is something that brings the customer back for more. Although this technology works best in a smaller store, I wonder what will happen next in the business/ technology field in the fashion industry?

For more on Rebecca Minkoff and her incredibly COOL style click here for her website & click here for the video of the mirror!

Thanks for following along on one of the research blog posts… It always seems to be a bit more beneficial learning while blogging. Come back real soon- Seamless & Savvy is enhancing the blog for a portfolio day in just a few weeks and is trying to reach 2 posts a week. Can it be done?!

Stay Savvy!

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Putting On A Messy Bun & Getting Things DONE!

Putting On A Messy Bun & Getting Things DONE!


Okay, so it’s spring, and it’s raining… I bet you can guess what this weeks post is on… SPRING CLEANING! That’s right, you heard it. Now, Seamless & Savvy is in major need of a closet clean out… I think it has been a few years since the black trash bags have been brought out and I’ve neglected those unwanted items… But to be honest, studying fashion has truly made me a clothing hoarder. With the fashion cycle (you know, how fashion ALWAYS comes back…) I just can’t seem to find a good enough reason to throw away. UGH! Anyways, with my Paris shopping haul and inspo… Enough is enough. My closet(s)** are truly EXPLODING and BURSTING at the seams!!! (LOL, get it?!) Anyways… Here’s to my attempt at becoming a minimalist HAHA, wish me luck.

How to start? Well… Make a check list.

  1. Does it make you happy?
  2. Have you worn it in the past year?
  3. Have you ever even wore it?
  4. Does it fit?
  5. Is it our of style?
  6. When will you wear it again?

Okay, so get on your cleaning clothes & get ready to dig in. Remember, keep those questions in mind!!


  1. Take the piece of clothing off the hanger, which you are contemplating- and fold it in a pile.
  2. After this is done the only things left hanging in your closet should be your favorites!
  3. Check out what is folded and organize into YES, MAYBE, NO piles.
  4. If you have the tome & patience… Maybe leave the situation and come back with a fresh mind.
  5. From there, think about the below possibilities & group the items off to where they should go. Either back in your closet, to the less fortunate, or to sell!

Where to sell your clothing & accessories you’ve paid a pretty penny for:

  1. threadUP
  2. Poshmark
  3. Your local consignment shop
  4. Tradesy
  5. Craigslist/ eBay

Now, to organize!!!!!

If you have the room in your closet, first and foremost sort by clothing type:

  1. Tank Top
  2. T- Shirts
  3. Long Sleeves
  4. Sweaters
  5. Jackets/ blazers
  6. Vests
  7. Jeans
  8. Leggings
  9. Dress Pants
  10. Palazzo Pants
  11. Shorts
  12. Skirts
  13. Dresses

Now, bring the spring/ summer clothing up front, and winter towards the back / clear away. Sort each different silhouette (style) as we call it in the fashion world for easy access. I prefer to fold my sweaters as they do not belong on hangers as it stretches the yarns leaving hanger marks. I fold all of my pants & shorts and even my skirts. I like to group things together, so the solids will be near the solids, and the prints will be near the prints. Here comes my favorite part… Everything having a home.

I love different containers and boxes to put things in. My scarves, bathing suits, hats/ gloves, workout wear, PJs, tights, clutches, etc., all have their own home in various sized bins. Easily accessible and convenient to get. I also keep my jewelry pretty organized with a cork board and pins. I hang my necklaces up, and my favorite bracelets are placed on a wine bottle, and the rest in a bin.

One of two cork boards I painted to match my walls

Okay, so I know how to be organized, I know how to stay clean, and keep tidy… But I don’t know how to stop shopping. So, I am looking into Poshmark & threadUP myself to see if I can make a little/ throw a little and spend a little/ buy a little at the same time!!

I hope this makes you want to run into your room and rip apart your closet to clean!!!!! LOL me either……… I hope you enjoyed the photos of my jewelry because, well, I have had this post in my drafts waiting for my before & after closet picture… SOOOO…. Maybe next week 😉 Good luck to those taking the plunge!!

Stay Savvy!

-Couture Is An Attitude-

-Couture Is An Attitude-

IMG_0312.JPGGabrielle Bonheur “Coco” Chanel

1883- 1971

No wonder Coco Chanel was so fabulous and her legacy remains strong, she lived in Paris!! Her apartment is still alive in her namesake and used for her haute couture fashion store. But, in all seriousness, Coco Chanel is THE most famous fashion designer in history. With her extremely hard work ethic, strong attitude, and perseverance, she is a true fashion icon and role model. Continue reading to feel empowered by such an incredible fashion *french* icon.

-Coco Chanel-

Where did the “Coco” come from? Well, Coco was brought up in an orphanage with strict rules as her mother died, and her father disowned her once he fell in love. She managed to get by with her life, but her sparkling personality aided her through her darkened days where she knew she could move forward. She got her nickname “Coco” singing a song one night at a bar, as she sang quiet often (Craven, 2016).

“Keep your heels, head, and standards high” – Coco Chanel

Coco was a simple woman… She liked fabric, horses, and rich men. **Not a bad way to live, huh? LOL** Her first & only love, Boy Capel set her up to be a milliner (making headwear and hats) in January 1910 with her own place on 31 rue Cambon in Paris. … This is important!!

In 1913, Coco opened up her boutique in Deauville, with merchandise including hats and limited lines of clothing. She stood out, hence her great success- but she had a strict budget. Although she was inspired by menswear, she bought jersey material to make her garments for women as it was a cheaper cost, and draped well. During this time period, the only item made by this fabric was mens underwear!! She is remembered for use of comfort in women’s clothing, as she avoided corsets when they were popular around World War I. Coco, was THE original Jersey Girl!! (McDowell, 2015).

“If you want to be original, be ready to be copied.” -Coco Chanel

In 1926, the Chanel suit was made and who knew it would turn into a forever staple item? The suit was a skirt and collarless jacket made from yet again, jersey material! How crazy! Coco followed a classic color palate that included black, beige, and white. Coco was an absolute perfectionist when it came to her garments, including the fit and design. She had a certain taste when it came to fashion, including modernism, and simplicity.

“I make fashion women can live in, breath in, feel comfortable in and look younger in.”

– Coco Chanel

In 1926, the birth of the LBD- the little black dress, a classic piece of Chanel changed fashion forever. Today, all of us women can say we own quite a *few* LBD’s as they are a timeless pieced item in our wardrobe collection. Coco was brilliant with this dress as it is incredibly versatile, from day to night, season to season. As Coco says, “fashion fades, only style remains”(McDowell, 2015).  Every woman wears her LBD with her own taste through their personal style. I know that my LBD includes an A-line dress that I pair with a statement necklace and funky shoes.

“The best things in life are free. The second best are very expensive.” – Coco Chanel

Around 1940, Coco disagreed with Christian Dior, as his designs included synched waist lines and feminine touches. She thought the designs didn’t capture the “liberated” women as they were making it out of another war, and taking on major roles in society. With perseverance and pure determination, Coco made it through a rough patch in her career securing her finances, aging to 70 years, competing with young minded designers in the market, while restarting her business. 1953, was the re-birth of the Chanel suit, AKA her comeback collection!! The comeback collection was presented February 5, 1954, where the American and British press FLIPPED! Her chic and fresh line allowed a pure rebirth of Chanel. The Chanel suit was a pure status symbol for women. It was a “slim skirt with a collarless jacket trimmed with pockets, buttons, and a sewn in chain to the hem” (Krick, 2004). The tweed fabric was prominent in her suits, as well as simple solid fabrics. Today, this is also a staple piece in both young women to even their grandmothers’ closets.

“Don’t be like the rest of them, darling!” – Coco Chanel

Each fashion season Coco kept moving forward with her career, bringing her handbags, jewelry and shoes into a strong role in haute couture fashion. She worked hard making sure she was targeting the wealthy women who would purchase these items from each collection. Chanel No. 5 was born within the re-birth of Chanel, and carried on to this day as the top selling perfume.

“Everyday is a fashion show, and the world is the runway.” – Coco Chanel

At the age of 87, Coco passed leaving behind a legacy like no other. Karl Lagerfeld took over the RTW (ready to wear) lines and haute couture designs in 1983 and continues to look into the past to capture the Chanel look. As times change, there are variances of Chanel that were brought to the stage. For example, the idea of comfortable clothing with the inspiration of mens wear, so Karl designed men’s tees and briefs along the way (Krick, 2004). Seamless & Savvy personally identifies with Coco through her determination and go getting attitude. Cheers to Coco Chanel, and her independent lifestyle that led her to great success.

Long live the crisscrossed c’s… Visit 31 rue Cambon in Paris today, where you can shop the first floor!! **insert heart eyes here**

“Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside.” – Coco Chanel

Stay Savvy!

P.S. You can shop Chanel HERE 😉

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Well, It’s True… Paris Is Always a Good Idea.

Well, It’s True… Paris Is Always a Good Idea.

The whole week I spent in Paris, I thought to myself… “How can I even put this adventure into words?” Well, the truth is… I really can’t, so I’m going to try my best! The pure beauty of Paris was captured through my eyes as I analyzed every building, person, as well as coat, handbag, and shoe each Parisian women had on. I couldn’t help but soak up the culture and lifestyle each part of the city offered. So, for this particular post I am sticking to just a piece of the pie… Fashion Central.

It was a true check off on my “fashion student bucket list” to visit THE most fashionable city in the WORLD. If I am being honest, I would totally, without a doubt, live my next life in Paris… With all of the incredible inspiration and putting my fashion forecasting skills to work, I found so many colors, accessories, and styles for the upcoming seasons that are so remarkable, I just can’t wait to make them my own. Without further a do, here are some of my most favorite fashionable memories in Paris shopping and adventuring!

Triangle d’Or


Translated to: The Golden Triangle, which consists of the following three fashion avenues, which make a triangle, LOL!

~~The Avenue des Champs-Élysées, The Avenue Montaigne, The Avenue George V ~~

They are known for their high end fashion stores and many flagship locations. A flagship location is defined by either the largest, first, or most important store the brand has. Flagship stores hold a high standard through merchandising and well, their merchandise as it is the “best of the best” location.

Haute couture fashion flagship stores that are apart of the triangle include: Chanel, Dior, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Celine, Givenchy, Valentino, Hermes, Balmain… UGH drooling/ crying/ wishful thinking!!!! These flagships were full of pure beauty through the displays, product, as well as architecture along the buildings alone. The Triangle d’Or experience is hard to put into words, but the feeling you have viewing gives you pure fashion jitters!! Theres nothing like owning something so beautiful and timeless, and being in that center of the city made me feel luxurious and had me thinking. It made me feel conent with my life believe it or not, because I WILL be back either traveling for fun, on business, or in my next life! Another two fun flagships include Longchamp (obviously, lol) and Sephora apart of the triangle found on the Champs!

Boulevard Haussmann


Oh my, oh my! If you follow along on my personal snap chat, you saw how INSANE the department store Galaries Lafayette is.  I am most def a Nordstrom snob, but O M G did I feel like a peasant there!!! Going through security just to get in, and then climbing my way up 7 floors that are organized by each designer/ brand was just breathtaking.  Naturally, I needed to make a purchase there… Just to say I did!! HAHA- anyways I could have used a whole day in there, just to shop.  I only went to the women’s store too. That did not include the mens, home, and food which were in different buildings. Christian Loubutin is also found on this boulevard… Okay so yeah, I am obsessed with Paris. If I lived there, I would be one broke, yet beautifully dressed gal!!

Place de la Madeleine


Well, we hopped off the metro (yes, public transportation in a foreign country wasn’t that hard to figure out), climbed up the escalator and as I turned, I saw the most amazing sight of a city I’ve ever seen. I found a flower stand to my right, and a 5th Ave lookalike but WAY NICER street to my left. With all sorts of stores available, I knew I needed to make some purchases. There was a Zara filled with many floors, and I even waited in a crazy line just to buy some cool Paris exclusive pieces. The streets were clean, the people were dressed to the nines, I could have sat outside at a cafe and people watched all day. Either way, the shops ranged from affordable, to I need a new job ;), but it gave it a great happy medium shopping experience. Shopping and window shopping around here gave me so much inspiration to express myself through my clothing and outfit choices.



Okay, so after climbing up to the tallest part of the city, and 10 miles of walking… I found the cutest part of Pairs! LOL I’ve been saying that about every fashion spot… I wonder why! Not only did I stumble upon fabric central, aka a whole street filled with fabric stores… But I found the cutest boutique, where I purchased an awesome, edgy metallic, shiny bomber jacket. (I CANT WAIT TO WEAR IT!!) It is so Paris CHIC~~ We were quick to befriend the sales women, who were simply “doing their job” by styling us in a Parisian manner… SO MUCH FUN! There were beautiful boutiques from children’s, mens, women’s, and skincare. Each store had an amazing color scheme on the outside on top of a fabulous window display. The cobblestone grounds, colorful storefronts, with the amazing architecture with gold embellishments made for a perfect view. **Sighs…** Why did I leave??

Up on the highest spot, behind Sacre Ceur was also an outdoor marketplace with paintings and real artists doing their thing… It was so neat! Tourist central though… AKA holding my cross body bag with the tightest grip LOL.



What a quint little part of Paris. I guess my favorite part about exploring the massive city was to stumble upon the cool places.  We went searching for lunch after a gorgeous morning at the Palace of Versailles, and wound up on the cutest streets filled with the most gorgeous boutiques. The colors, prints, and silhouettes of the tops and bottoms were just to die for. The fashion was just bursting for spring and summer love. My favorite part here was being just enough out of tourist central and seeing the language barrier and have store owners running their boutique ironing and simply chatting to their customers. Oh yeah.. there is a lot of history behind Versailles, but I was too busy looking at the boutiques ;).

Bercy Village


Okay, maybe I’m a little biased because it was right outside my hotel…BUT this was so quint and cute! It reminded me of Quincy Market. There were some great shopping experiences and some little purchases made here, and I can’t neglect to chat about it. Although this definitely was not found in fashion central, or near the amazing shopping experiences, I had a great interaction with someone from a boutique, Bensimon, which holds a strong memory. The woman working was delighted I was checking the store out and all it had to offer. She was willing to help with assistance and inform me of all that she had.  We started talking in French, but she was excited to use her English!  Although a lot of my purchases in Bercy Village were glasses of wine, the shopping was obviously a great piece too!

All in All…

Either shopping, eating, drinking, or adventuring (I think thats all I did? LOL) I learned that there is so much more to life then just living. Having the the thrill of a new place and learning a new culture for a week had me on cloud nine. Paris gave me so much inspiration to not only express myself and be me, but I learned to dream, live, and explore without fear of the unknown. Even though the men had tighter pants than I did, and there were so many kisses and hugs exchanged with one another… I couldn’t have thought to end my senior year fashion experience a better way, even though my life as a fashion major is just beginning! Heres to the city of fashion & love… Paris, I LOVE YOU!


Stay Savvy!

SEE the WORLD this Spring Break

SEE the WORLD this Spring Break

Paris READY!

Well, its that time of year… Spring Break 2017! Wheew!! Seems like we just began classes, and for my fellow seniors reading… Let’s slow it on down (am I right)!?  But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, we still have a few SHORT months! So, let’s take the time to soak up all of the sun, booze, memories, and laughter this SB (spring break).  In order to do so, we need the right outfit, attitude, and obviously, a good SB adventure.  No matter where you’re headed this break, here are a few essentials that you will so appreciate having!

The 10 essentials Seamless & Savvy can’t travel without:

1. Comfy Street Sneakers

These are ~HOT ~ HOT ~ HOT~ right now… You can find them everywhere, and it seems to be that so many brands/ designers have their hands on them too. You really have all of the options from a slip on, to a sporty look, or casual plain sneaker.  Either way, if you’re planning on doing a lot of walking, go with a  brand you know so you can avoid the blisters and achy feet, because lets be real- there’s nothing worse than a blister. BUT- It’s great news to me knowing I’ll be walking a lot next week, but simultaneously being fashionable with my cute new sneaks! These are the ones I bought; I know you love them, don’t you! Other great brands for casual street sneakers include Steve Madden, Vans, Adidas, Converse, Sam Edelman, & Vince.

2. Head Phones

DUH. From airport chilling, to the attempted AM workouts before you cram in your fully planned itinerary, headphones are a can’t live without accessory.  Keeps you busy on the plane, or train, and you can use them for more than just music… hello Netflix! And of course, I’ll be listening to the new Ed Sheeran album!!

3. Polarized Sunglasses

Sunglasses are one thing, but polarized sunglasses are a whole new ball game LOL.  I personally have a love for all things nice, hence the fashion major, but one nice investment I love, is a good pair of sunglasses. Seriously, if you are still wearing cheap sunglasses you found for 10$ YOU WILL THANK ME. Polarized lenses have changed my life forever (thanks for the recommendation Dad).  I have tried different brands, and designers, but the one consistent thing about each one are the polarized pair.  Ray Bans are super trendy right now, and have always been such a staple item that never dies out.  So, if you’re in the market for some new sunglasses, I truly recommend a nice pair- especially those who have blue eyes, the sun stings!

4.  A *GOOD* Book

My favorite part of a vacation is to have “me” time, and not having a top priority to trump a good book.  I really do enjoy a fun and easy read, especially on the beach, or on the plane.  People watching definitely is a distraction for me, but if there is a good enough book in my hand, I’m invested.  So, if any readers have a suggestion, I’d love to hear! I have a new book ready to go for my Paris trip, but there is always next trip!!

5.  A Scarf

Light weight or heavy, thick or thin, wherever your trip takes you- this will save you!  On the plane, walking the streets, or sitting on the beach, a trendy bathing suit wrap, this simple accessory will do more than just cover your neck.  It warms you up, it covers you up, it can be used as a blanket on the plane, or just simply worn for the look.  I am taking a different turn on my scarf this SB and I am going to *attempt* the parisian look with a cute neck hie.  (I will keep you all updated on how/ if I pull it off LOL).

6. Hats

Baseball hats, fedoras, sun hats, straw hats, felt hats, berets… Whichever you may choose to bring, you’re not going to regret the space they took up in your suitcase.  They’re perfect for travel days, beach days, and days you just don’t want to waste doing your hair! Just like scarves, they are sometimes the most perfect accessory to wear out and about.

7. Lysol/ Hand Sanitizer

YES- Seamless & Savvy is so SUPER germ afraid it is a serious issue!! A “germaphobe” would be the correct term to identify with.  So, with that- always sanitize both on the way to your destination, as well as each destination you may end up.  Who wants to be sick on a getaway? Although, hand sanitizer peels off my gel manicure, I still can’t help but pump out that stuff, especially in the airport,  seriously that place is so dirty. So, not only should you be packing your travel pack of lysol and germ-x bring some over the counter meds JUST IN CASE!

8. Camera

An iPhone camera is perfectly fine, especially the iPhone 7, but it depends what you are looking for from these vacation photos.  A Polaroid camera is super fun & all the rage right now, so that would spice up your VK with only the ~coolest~ of pictures.  Then, there are what I consider the “real” cameras like a Nikon or Canon, which make the images come to life with their use of mega pixels and quality.  At the end of the day, the perfect Instagram post is the goal, LOL kidding… I am such a millennial.

9. Cross Body Bag

Well, this is definitely an essential for every weekend you go out shopping, or out with friends hitting the town.  So as for VK and SB- it is a must! It is seriously just so reliable as well as convenient.  Since we are foreign to where we may be visiting and considered a tourist cross body bags are essential.  They’re great to avoid thieves and pick pocket-ers, UGH! When traveling, I like to keep them small so I can keep them nice and close to me, and in the front of my body, instead of the casual side hold. I recently just got an amazing Tory Burch one for my birthday, (thnx Dixon’s) and honestly I’m SO obsessed.  Kate Spade has great ones, as well as Rebecca Minkoff to name a few!

10. A Watch

Believe it or not… These are timeless.  Really, though.  Sometimes your cell phone may be powered down, or on airplane mode.  If your cell phone is on airplane mode, it may not adjust to the new time zone you are in… Which makes you LATE!! So, take the advice and wear a watch and feel content and positive about meeting your dinner reservations LOL!

Last but certainly not least…

11. An Open Mind 

There is nothing like the feeling of exceeding expectations and standards, so go into your trip with an open mind.  Be ~open~ to trying new things, meeting new people, and stepping out of your comfort zone.  Be okay with letting go what you can’t control, and don’t waste precious time. After all, vacation time seems to go 10x faster than when you’re at the office….

Have fun, be safe, &…

Stay Savvy!

A Bright Spring… To Do Your Thing!

A Bright Spring… To Do Your Thing!


With this crazy weather here in New England (65 outside of Boston), I totally have been day dreaming of warm weather, pretty flowers and walks around the city. I thought to myself, why not look forward to spring fashion essentials that I can wear while wishing this weather would last forever?!  Now, here you are reading my research, findings, and own personal forecast on what is soon to come, and what’s in STORE this Spring… Literally!!

So, I took some time to search with my eyes, and feel with my hands what is going on in the world of women’s fashion… & with that I am so excited for it all that I disregarded my planned post and starting typing away, as I’m totally springing into new and improved fashion trends.  Although I’m not at London Fashion Week, or MAGIC trade Show… (Ugh Vegas I miss you) I used all of my tools to find out the best of the best of what’s actually going on and happening!! (TY social media)  Sit back, relax and think  S P R I N G-


The rule of thumb this spring is to simply embellish your outfit.  Wear something that makes a statement.  You can see these in the stores already, whats on trend: big pockets, funky buttons, tassels, layers, ruffles, voluminous tops, tied belts, embroidery, textures, lace, pom-poms, and chiffon.  Cute sneakers, off the shoulder wild tops, spunky flow dresses, fun workout pants, bright and metallic colors & you’re good to go this spring!!

Some outfit inspo is to come, once I return from Paris, but for now- I am sticking to what I know.

Living Colorfully

So, when you think spring, you think color, right?  Sooo… It’s time to put away the black and get out there and make a bold statement!  The SP17 colors are so bright and motivating it’s hard not to!!  WWD (Women’s Wear Daily) has the pantone colors on swatches, and they’re just so tempting & FUN! If you’re thinking about living life, feeling bold and confident- go for the greens, yellows, blues, and yes pinks this spring!! There are definitely some soft colors as well as bright with each color above- so check out the link and get ready to revamp your closet!

All about the – ARMS-

It seems to be that no matter what the material may consist of, season, or brand, funky sleeves are the GO TO!  The sleeves trending right now are so sleek and embellished with style.  The perfect part about fun sleeves is they fit various different attires, whether you’re going to work, or to the bar- not to worry… You’re so covered on a fashionable level. A few of my favorite sleeves include: bell sleeves, exaggerated bell sleeved called cape sleeves , layered or tiered sleeves, balloon sleeves, and flounce sleeves.  HINT HINT: (Click on the name & you’re directed to what they are)

Prints on prints on PRINTS

Ok… Seriously… From gingham to floral to tribal, you’re covered no matter where you choose to shop.  The bold colors really make the different garments stand out through various brights aesthetics.  And, if you’re feeling really adventurous, it is looking like it is in fact OKAY to wear multiple prints together, now would you look at that!!

Texture, ooh laa laa…

Nothing better than throwing on a soft sweatshirt when you get home from a long day… But in the fashion world it’s even more exciting and satisfying to see 3D texture come to life on a garment.  This spring so many pieces of clothing are more and more unique through their own use of texture.  There is just something about lace, embroidery, buckles, buttons, and tassels that add so much more to the average outfit.  These simply “pop” the standard top or bottom into something trendy and extravagant.  Spring 2017 fashion is so incredibly F U N, and there is no other way to describe it… But if I had to, it would be something like, I feel bad for you if you don’t express yourself through your wardrobe kind of thing (L-O-L).

Stay Savvy & think S P R I N G!